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2014-06-27 15:09:35

      we have had countless requests from our customers to make changes to improve our offering. Some features have been included as standard on KPT-968A&KPT-906A&KPT-928A

  3.5inch handheld multifunctional satellite finder & monitor(KPT-968A)

  3.5inch Protable multifunctional satellite finder & monitor(KPT-906A)

  7inch Protable multifunctional satellite finder & monitor(KPT-928A)

  Support DVB-S(MPEG-2) satellite signal video decoding.

  Find satellite signal alarm,with LED digital synchro display.(968A/906A)

  Live FTA digital pictures and sounds.

  Threshold:4.1dB(most sensitive), Built-in signal locked alarm

  Built-in satellite finder management

  AV output (video/audio output other TV/Monitor)

  Menu language:English /French / Russian / Arabic/Farsi/Portuguese/Turkey Or chinese/English

  Bulit-in battery,can find satellite 3-4 hours

   Set the satellite TV signal and image shows test, radio, television, monitoring function.with auto scan/blind scan/TP scan .Using TFT LCD display image,LED backlighting with low power consumption.Built-in large capacity and high-performance lithium batteries for the integration of high-tech electronic products.

   Due to the use of handheld structure, this machine is small in size and light in weight. Equipped with installation tool backpack, it is more convenient to carry, it is a professional equipment for satellite TV receiving system engineering, control engineering and technicians.