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KPT-SL-10/20/30LED Solar energy projection lamp

Human body sensing and radar sensors are waterproof and able to withstand high temperatures.

Simple installation,no wiring,solar energy charging for night lighting.Suitable for outdoor gardens,courtyards,aisles,porches,walls or driveways,and other outdoor lighting;automatic opening at night light,detection of human activity,provide high-brightness lighting, automatically closed during the day.

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20 lamp

Bright white (6000K-6500K)

40 lamp

Bright white (6000K-6500K)

60 lamp

Bright white (6000K-6500K)

Lamp size






(10V input 5W input power)


(16V input 10W input power)


(14V input 15W input power)

Battery capacity


lithium-ion battery


lithium-ion battery


lithium-ion battery

Luminance range

Brightness: 440LM


Slight bright turn to highlight time: About 12s

Brightness: 880LM


Slight bright turn to highlight time: About 12s

Brightness: 1320LM


Slight bright turn to highlight time: About 12s

Full bright / half bright time

Full bright: 10 hours / half bright 20 hours (customizable time)

Full bright: 5 hours / half bright 10 hours (customizable time)

Full bright: 8 hours / half bright 16 hours (customizable time)












Control: Switch on/off; for the first use, it is necessary to open the switch box, put the DC plug on the solar panel, clamp it on the edge of the housing, then connect the DC seat in the power box with the DC seat, and then fluctuate the power switch beside the DC seat.(This power switch prevents leakage of solar lights and power leakage before use.)


Working mode:Automatic charging during the day and automatic lighting at night.(using radar to scan body induction; people come to light, people walk and destroy)


Solar lamp built-in circuit:It contains battery power low voltage protection and power overcharge protection; solar lamp waterproof level: IP65



Radar scanning induction:Light-on mode is automatically turned on at night, people close to the light automatically turn on, people go back to light automatically after the state, brightening time is about 18 seconds.Solar energy charging, installation is simple, no wiring, fixed screws, hanging wall.

Automatic identification:Charging during the day and opening in the evening, the power supply mode is used to save electricity.

It is suitable for outdoor lighting in outdoor gardens, courtyards, aisles, porches, walls or lanes, and green energy.